At Revtek we like lifting things, especially vehicles. Take a look at our premium suspension and lift systems today and see why Revtek is first in its class for suspension products from Toyota to Hummer. We love what we do and work hard to innovate and create the perfect lift kit and suspension systems for every vehicle. Check out our inventory, find a dealer near you, or, order online through our certifed vendors like Suspension Connection and get lifted today!


Why Choose Revtek for Performance Suspension? 

Revtek has been bringing our customers quality for over 15 years and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! With an assortment of suspensions for trucks, jeeps, and SUV's we have just about everything you have been looking for when it comes to customizing the suspension on your vehicle. No matter what you are looking to do with your suspension, you will find a compatible suspension system for your rig at Revtek. 

Toyota Suspension and Lift KitJeep TJ Suspension and Lift KitCheverolet Suspension and Lift Kit

Upgrade your Stock Suspension with Top Rated Suspension Systems at Revtek

With suspension lift kits and upgrades, you can boost your vehicle's performance. Our systems are easy enough to install yourself, which optimizes the money and time you save on your next build project. We also have installation guides and other resources to help you get the job done right. Our parts bolt right on to OEM pieces, giving you a sure fit that is built to last.

Revtek creates suspension kits for Toyota, Chevy, GMC & Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Cadillac, and Nissan and our many lift kits improve your vehicle's ability to tow/haul more weight, increase performance for off-road use, and not least of all make your vehicle look like the baddest ride on the road.

Revtek's Premium Lift Kits allow you to increase visibility for pulling trailers as well as giving you the option to add larger tires for improved traction, and larger disk brakes for stopping power. Improving your suspension gives your vehicle a better ride and depending on your use it helps with everything from rock crawling to navigating those potholes in your neighborhood.

Ready to improve the look and ride of your vehicle? Browse our amazing collection of suspension kits for Toyota, Chevy, GMC & Dodge and more!


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Revtek offers premium suspension products. We also have a great warranty and return policy on all our parts. We are so confident you'll love you new suspension system, that customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

With dealers all over the country, the perfect part for your vehicle is just a few clicks away!


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