A Jeep is built to perform beautifully even when taken on the most demanding off-road terrain. Whether you want your Jeep to exhibit its highest possible performance during your excursions, or you simply want to have a more customized appearance as you drive around town, Jeep lift kits can completely transform the look and feel of your vehicle.


Jeep Suspension Parts

Many Jeep owners choose to lift their vehicles, whether because they want to complete off-roading trips more effectively or because they want to upgrade the overall aesthetic. The widespread desire for lifting means that you’ll have plenty of sizing options for your Wrangler, Liberty, Cherokee, or other Jeep model when you shop for lift kits from RevTek.

RevTek offers everything from suspension lift system, leveling spacers, coil spring kits, and more, so no matter what sort of suspension parts you’re hoping to find for your Jeep, you’ll be able to locate them with us.

How Does Revtek Suspension Work?

Different suspension parts work in slightly different ways, but generally speaking, a suspension lift kit works by boosting the chassis off of the axles; this allows you to add larger tires to your Jeep if you should so wish and creates some extra clearance.

What Are The Benefits?

Jeep drivers are notoriously adventurous; upgrading your suspension lift kit means you won’t have to rein in that sense of excitement due to potential dangers. The extra clearance on your Jeep will allow you to more effectively tackle even the most daunting terrain, and when you’re able to add larger tires, you’ll be able to climb more safely and efficiently.

Better suspension also translates to a smoother ride for you and your passengers, and that’s something you can enjoy whether you’re winding your way through a hillside path or you’re simply out on the town for an evening of fun.

Even if you aren’t an avid off-roader, you’re bound to love the way that Jeep suspension parts make your vehicle look. The extra height will make your Jeep stand apart from all the rest in a highly customized way, so you’ll be able to take pride in the aesthetic of your vehicle more than you already did.

What Are The Different Heights?

There are many different height options when it comes to customizing the lift on your Jeep. Generally, somewhere in the range of 1 to 3 inches tends to be the most popular lift; remember, once you’ve lifted the vehicle itself, you can still add additional height with new tires.

Why RevTek?

At RevTek, we believe you should be able to customize your Jeep to be the most impressive looking vehicle on the road while also enhancing its performance significantly. That’s why we’re committed to creating systems that are easy to install and performance-driven.

Whether you can’t control yourself when an off-roading adventure presents itself and you want to enhance your performance, or you simply love driving the best looking Jeep in sight, shop our selection of Jeep suspension parts to achieve all of your wildest dreams.

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